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Ritual for the invention of a radical sensibility. Cantenac Dagar is a free electron on the underground stages of the hexagon. Reunited since 2013, the duo led by Stéphane Barascud and Aymeric Hainaux persists in a singular musical project with a restricted instrumentarium (banjo, human beatbox and k7 player). It is by probing an immense fabric of garish material tinged with an unknown folklore that they draw their energy, a hard and sensual energy through the use of silence and the bursting of forms.
After several releases on CDR and K7 on Isola Records, their own label, but also on Tomaturj and Trzecia Fala, it is a great collaboration that takes place between Isola Records and S.K Records (which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year!) to put their music on 33T and propose Stilletonne, a piece recorded in Fructôse, Dunkirk, in February 2016. Two different versions of the same song. The B-side is none other than birth, the A-side a reinterpretation in the wake.
For all of his music, Cantenac Dagar uses a very personal recording method: live with a dictaphone in front of the speakers. The release on disc remains just as archaic without master, mix, or even post-production, the raw sound material is engraved directly on the support.

Stéphane Barascud: banjo
Aymeric Hainaux: humanbeatbox + cassettes

A1. Stilletonne 20:17
B1. Stilletonne 27:08