Jet Jaguar KR-3 Kill Spree / Nee

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Nee! Dutch grindcore/noisecore band from Maarheeze. No longer active. Predecessor of the Deathtomusic band.

“Nee opens up this weird split EP with 11 tracks of blasting grindcore mayhem that’s mainly blistering blastbeats and maniacal wails of guitar noise and growling/screaming vocals. Aside from the occasional breakdown or quirky passage that’s a little slower or more spacious, you can’t make out much at all, and it basically sounds like complete noise with titles like “Popsy Wopsy”, “Chiken Dinges”, etc(…) Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree takes side B and offers nothing but crazy spurts of electronic noise, wacky drum machines, and generally chaotic, glitchy, cutup, hyper nonsense under song titles such as “Unspecified Motor Error” and “Satanic Vampires on Morphine”.”