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“All songs produced and written by Tyme. / Tujiko Noriko
Except tracks 2, 8 written by P.P.A / Tujiko Noriko
Mixed by Tyme.

Tujiko Noriko returns to Editions Mego after a period of relative silence. This time in collaboration with Tyme. (aka Tatsuya Yamada, member of MAS).
This album was developed from songs that the duo made once a year at the end and beginning of new year, for a period of six years. These were sent to friends and people who asked. After six years there were six tracks they added five more the illustrations of Kimura Toshiko to complete the album.
A gaudy take on J-pop perhaps? These songs are bustling with a weird sense optimism thats not only fun but a little odd as well. The end and the start of a year, made by thinking of future, giving it a shiny sheen with just a dash of darkness. GYU is an onomatopoeia of – holding something tight, grabbing something. You know you like it really.”

A1. Akete, Akete あけて、あけて 6:11
A2. Gyungyun ギュンギュン 3:47
A3. Tropic Pengugin トロピックペンギン 8:12
B1. Heart Koorasete ハート凍らせて 7:14
B2. Vacation Of God 神様のバケーション 7:14
C1. From A Spring 泉より 2:21
C2. Golden Heart ゴールデンハート 4:43
C3. Ten To Sen 点と線 6:08
D1. Slow Motion スローモーション 6:26
D2. Unforgettable Light 忘れない光 7:51
D3. World 世界 5:59