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“This is elfin’ evil stuff, pulverising the senses with ultra-salty boom-clap syncopation and atonal snarl in كيمياء, and drying out to bone and gristle tweaked with nerve-biting hooks in سبعة عشر .تكوين‎‎ offers a more puckered, astringent sort of acid drill and التوازن really gets our attention with its uniquely discordant electronic scales and grubbing 2-step.”

1. كيمياء / Alchemy 05:43
2. سبعة عشر / Seventeen 05:26
3. تكوين‎‎ / Takwin 07:26
4. التوازن / Books Of Balances 04:55

Artwork and Design: Takashi Makabe / Zodiak