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Institut Für Feinmotorik (= institute for precision motor) is a project which is interested in the complex relationship between perception of micro-phenomenon in acoustic and visual spheres and the meticulous stumbling through micro-social behaviour in daily situations. The group’s work is focused on the acoustic sphere beyond usual gain signals. Elements of noise containing no original sense emerge to significant structures. The setup consists of six to eight “empty” record players which means that no gain signals but empty or manipulated lock grooves or the paper labels of the records are played. Besides that Institut Für Feinmotorik have found some other ways to generate acoustic signals out of empty record players: house rubber bands, adhesive tape and tooth brushes are just a few instruments used to produce different sounds. Not only for friends of minimal techno in Brinkmann and Studio 1 style. With Daniel van den Eijkel, Florian Meyer, Marc Matter.

A1. Akoasma 5:32
B1. In B 4:48