Agripon / Stuckometer

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“Between 8 and 11 titles without title ( 8 minutes 40). .for agripon (paris based mini drum kit guitar duo or trio), hysterical, sometimes or often unbearable, electric & social, fucked up. improvised and rather rythmic. That goes back to August 2005 and that turns into 45. .or 33, for a longer pleasure. and more fat. do what you want. “this is shitcore” Sean baxter 2 titles for Stuckometer (13 minutes 20), 2 guitars, bass, free drums, … + a mouth which is expressed + flute… enough cavernous savage and, violence more prolonged, noise, free. That goes back to September 2006 and stuckometer it is a band from Manchester. city of the monkey boots. reading advised in thirty three rotations per minute. Stuckometer has also released many recordings on Hearing Aids, Low Point and First Person. Limited : 306 copies”