Abstract Musette

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“Joke Lanz — turntables
Jonas Kocher — accordion

This seemingly improbable duo finds both artists defending a common cause, with Lanz as stunning turntablist to serve as a perfect companion to Kocher’s iconoclastic approach to his instrument. Detailed moves, fast gestures and throbbing pulses are recurrently cut by silences and sustained tones. Short rhythmic patterns and precise syllables emerge only to give way to more intimate sequences where players drift into some neutral space before re-colliding again into actualizations of micro-events from a pool of potential occurrences.

Each player is always observing and anticipating the other’s next move, attributing a flowing dynamic to the duo which ultimately sounds like a system that finds itself on the threshold between equilibrium and disorder.
A certain flair for inventiveness, a rich palette of sounds and ideas and an energetic, somatic approach to sound performance makes this an action-packed duo that is not to be missed. – Akis Sinos”

A1. Coeur Chaviré 01:34
A2. Mon Amant de Paris 01:45
A3. Thousand Flowers 00:38
A4. El Gato Grande 02:15
A5. Tokkata 00:30
A6. El Biscotto 00:57
A7. Les Flonflons 00:40
A8. Ce soir c’est la Fête 01:32
A9. Family Country 03:13
B1. Balcon Mexicain 00:52
B2. Rêve de Clarinette 05:44
B3. Swing Valse 00:53
B4. Veuve Clicquot 00:38
B5. Premier Rendez-Vous 02:14
B6. Tango Lalandais 02:23