Glass Lip

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“Glass Lip is the debut album by Aches, the musical project of British-born now Slovakia-based artist Jonny Fox. After carving out parallel paths in live art and electronic music while living in Sheffield, London and Devon, Fox located to Bratislava. This is where Aches emerged, forged in the excitement and trepidation of a new country.

Erudite programming joins with clouds of guitar and vocals referencing both the magisterial chorus of Cocteau Twins and more formless varieties of shoegaze. Melodies are agitated into strange shapes by beats which hum, click and snap at them. Voices murmur through the haze, subtly manipulated into uncanny territories, emotions ebb and swell unexpectedly.

Preceded by the single ‘Bullet Sleep’ and the EP Fine Tongue, Glass Lip is Aches’ third release with Slovakian independent record label Exitab. Supported by stunning live shows which have impressed around Eastern Europe and the UK, the LP is a bold and powerful work by a flourishing talent in electronic music.”

Illustrations by Aches.
Graphic design by Kameo.
Typo by Monika Bočková and Kameo.