Greatest Hits

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Double LP compilation. Limited edition of 300 hand-stamped and numbered copies.

Tracks chosen from 3 albums and a split:
-First Album « Goz of Kermeur », 1992, Noise Product.
-Second Album « Irondelles », 1993, RecRec Music/Noise Product.
-Third Album « Mythoman », 1996, Shin Records.
-Split with Ted Milton (BLURT), 1994, Noise Product.

Remastered by Nicolas Dick, 2017.

Re-issue & Cover Art by Jelodanti.

Goz of Kermeur:

“1991 – 2000: Still my songs,the music is organic and with the energy and the particular shape all this takes, we take most of the audiences in our psychadelic turbulence. We are three in front. Goz of Kermeur was explosive, intimate, dangerous, sweet and violent, powerfull and fragile, full of humor but completely naive. 150 concerts through Europe, East Europe, New York and Canada, 3 albums: Goz of Kermeur (1992), Irondelles (1993), Mythoman (1996-97). Touring with the Young Gods, and Dominique A, and shared the stage with many other musicians such as John Zorn’s Masada, Napalm Death, Legendary Pink Dots, Ornette Coleman, Joe Baron, The Ex, New Model Army… Last tour in 2000. Yves Charmillot dies of cancer in September 2001. With him the band. Best memories to our old friend.”