Nice Yıllara Gülüm

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“Third album by Turkish psychedelic singer Edip Akbayram, originally released in 1982. This later 3rd album really ramps up the silly synthesizers. You’ll hear whooshy 80s Rolands, vocals run through a harmonizer, and tons of totally tubular bass popping, and it all makes it darned easy to hear just where the western intros and breaks stop.

Ever wish Knight Rider’s Kitt could drive to Istanbul? Take a ride on cheesy synthesizers with Edip at the wheel!”

Tracklist: Nice Yillara Gülüm – Aman Kerem – Darmadagin – Kibar Gelin – Sinesine Vura Vura – Degmen Benim Gönlüme – Hasretinle Yandi Gönlüm – Bitliste Bes Minare – Cana Kurban – Sirin Nar