And Who Sees The Mystery

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“« And who sees the mystery » is a music piece based on sound check situations and rehearsals of Amazigh music recorded by Gilles Aubry between 2013 and 2014 in Morocco. Using his microphone as a sound processing device Aubry has transformed further his field recordings in the studio through performative feedback techniques.

Far from an ethnographic account, his composition is an abstract sonic exploration of traditional instruments, rhythms and spaces. It also features a poetic text in Amazigh language by Farid Zalhoud, “Tribute to the Ear”, commissioned especially for the project.”

Soundchecks and warm up sessions recorded by Gilles Aubry in Morocco between June 2013 and March 2014, in collaboration with Zouheir Atbane.
Participating musicians:
Abd Bemsliman Al-Omari, Mohamed Ouakrim, Azkri Othman
Ali Ajraam & Mohamed Tamalut (percussions, Tafraout)
Singers of Addal (Tafraout)
Mina Haddadi, Fatim Abdula Asfar, Saloa Tarkout, Zouhra Haddadi
Fatima Cheddadi, R‘kia, Habiba Zribou, Khadija Naim
Nadia Bourdi, Fatima Habibi, Abdallah Haddou (zamar)
Ben Allal Abderrahmane & Manssour Belkhyalatt (percussions, oujda)

Feedback, re-recording and sound editing by Gilles Aubry ­.
Additional studio recording at Audiocue Tonstudio Berlin, February 2016.
Mastering by Kassian Troyer, cut at Schnittstelle.
Original poem in Tifinagh by Farid Mohamed Zalhoud, commissioned by Gilles Aubry & Zouheir Atbane for the video “Tribute to the Ear“
Graphic design by Wendelin Büchler.
Limited to 300 copies.