Bohemian Drips Presents: Kulku

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“Recorded in binaural audio in the ancient water reservoirs of Berlin, Pankow.

By releasing “bohemian drips presents: Kulku“ the Berlin imprint presents their third binaural production. After working within the spaces of the “KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art“, the label took the next challenge by levelling up the reverb times and working with an eight-head collective of “genius dilettantes“ inside the ancient water reservoirs of Berlin, Pankow. These tanks provide, with their reverberation times from 6 to 18 seconds, a more than astonishing surrounding for this recording session.

Kulku’s acoustical sound sources and instruments, reaching from old wooden organ pipes, to xylophones, timpani, scrap metal and kids toys, creates an apocalyptical scenery that is strongly referencing within its construction to contemporary compositions of Avantgarde music like Steve Reich, György Ligeti or Carl Orff. The almost never ending, deep resonance of the tanks that served the band and the label’s producers as a frame for the recordings, created sounds from a extra terrestrial sphere which formed a modern kind of “Trance Music“ – “Primitive Music“ as the band named it themselves.

Founded in 2002 by Andreas Riska (a.k.a. Wenzlovar) and Johanna Riska, Kulku spans out to a maximum of ten musicians, including as well Gatis and Talis Silde from Ej Bejkot as Alex Samuels and Max Gassman from Brace/Choir. The bands’ sound is a weird mixture of Kraut, Noise, Soul and No-Age that was hidden in the Berlin underground for a long while and finally shows its blooming creativity with this record.

The core piece “Nach der Flut“ (referring to Hinnerick Bröskamps experimental movie “Vor der Flut – Before the Flooding“) is accompanied by four pieces characterized by Wenzlovar voice and a rough reduction of sounds within the tanks reverberations.

By the use of dummyhead microphones “bohemian drips presents: Kulku“ is able to transport the initial trance effect of this record straight to the listener – the 360-degree soundscape takes us back into the tanks and offers a completely unique experience of sound. All binaural productions of the label are curated, arranged & produced internally by the collective. The triptych of components – the location, the microphone, the band – is solely managed by the labels’ team and the process of production is as important as the musical result.

Kulku’s “Orff-Kraut“ is available on 180g vinyl from November 12th 2016. A limited edition of 50 LPs come with handcrafted screen printings.”