Le Lune, La Soleil

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Ute Völker: Accordion
Suboko: Percussions, Electronics, Objects

“A place called Remspach, Alsace, 950 metres above sea level, 47°94’93″05 N, 7°09’56″35 E, the forest going downhill and the valley stretching as far as one can see, a shack, Ute Völker is passing by, Suboko are turning the front room into a recording studio by sticking the sofas and mattresses to the walls, the windows are open, the trees are rushing in, cows hanging to their bells, birds are wondering, a day, a night, storm is coming, the tornado is raging around the house, under the watchful gaze of Fessenheim’s nuclear plant in the distance.

The scene is set, the Suboko trio, tenacious unpackers, real false sidekicks, nearly in ambush, are shaping an underground geography whereupon land Ute Völker’s accordion’s signals. Along the way the instrument’s breath transforms that abstract and sinuous path, besieging each shape made out of tight lines and dried breaches, of disjointed tremors and electrified cavities, only to dissolve and combine with and without restraint.”