Freddy The Dyke

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“Following the split tape with Blodsprut, this is the first full length LP from Stavanger-duo Freddy The Dyke. The album is a natural continuation of the material from the tape digging deeper into their industrial hard core futuristic sound, still bearing influences from both tribal music and 90’s electronica. The LP runs 30 minutes and is mixed by Anders Hana. It is enclosed in a beautiful 4colour Drid Machine-silkscreened sleeve with design by Yasutoshi Yoshida.”

A1. Den Korte 2:24
A2. Only Sixtean 4:08
A3. Roto 8:22
B1. Sandi Yama 4:39
B2. Serbian Standoff 5:12
B3. Slowface 5:02