Fading World Romance

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“Innercity, the nom de plume of Belgian producer Hans Dens, has been releasing his brand of entrancing LoFi electronica on his own cassette label Why So Serious, on Aguirre Records and a slur of other specialized labels (amongst which his acclaimed album on Seattle-based Further Records). Orre is proud to present two new amazing tracks on this 7″, his first outing for the label. LoFi is in fact an ugly word to describe Innercity’s music as the effect of his loop-based compositions is nothing short of maximal. His free-flowing tracks glimmer with warmth and are at times soft as silk, resulting in an inward sound that is inviting, yet strangely eerie and distant. With every loop, Dens seems to tap into another emotional level. Different layers suggest evolution, but at the same time, stasis is at the centre of his music, making his tracks circle around themselves, like an electronic maelstrom in which it is a pleasure to drown. ‘An Ecstacy Shoredrive Into The Bleak Bliss Of No Mind Waters’ on the A-side has an overpowering light shining through it. The source of that light, although familiar, is uncertain. Dens leaves it up to the listener to make his own associations, but looking up instead of down seems to be the thing to do here. ‘Our Final Bloom’ on the B-side is more earth-bound and concrete, darker as well. The voice sample used adds to its sense of delightful alienation and more explicit melancholy. Includes exclusive download voucher of Innercity’s – ‘Live From The Pineal Gland’ album.”