Force Feeding Love

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“The 24th of November 2008 MY BELOVED released their 3rd official album, Force Feeding Love.
An album where the musical expression is further defined and an album that shows a band in constant development. On this 3rd album MY BELOVED has got prominent guest musicians contributing in form of a cello by John Contreras (Current 93) and viola by Zef Noi$e (Psychic TV). The two virtuosos are in each way contributing to an even more powerful and manifesting album that forces the listener even further out into noise and silence, beauty and madness.

“My Beloved continues to impress as one of the world’s finest practitioners and champions of the post rock, progoth idiom.” /

Since 1997 it didn’t take long time for MY BELOVED to peak out in the Copenhagen musical underground scene as a pioneer band that with their unique, aesthetic and emotional music where telling dramatic, painful and sinister stories through instrumental surfaces that in the late 90’s most of all were compared as a detour of the, at that time, almost dead post-rock genre. Since then MY BELOVED has gone ways of their own and are now in total unspoiled music dimensions which the band themselves are calling Instrumental Music Noir.

MY BELOVED are playing magnificent capturing instrumental music noir that in basis consist of guitar, synths, piano, drums and bass. The music is a mood creating and emotional maelstrom that with storming crescendos and beautiful passages creates a lively and organic feeling of existence and will. The experimenting sound-surfaces clarify the presence of the art and especially of
the passion, and the use of noise makes MY BELOVED appear as a totally unique band,
which with new thinking and in a different way produce yet another fearless album. Yet an
atmospheric journey in time and mood.”