The Xiao Fang EP

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The Xiao Fang EP was originally released on Mjäll a few months before Appelqvist’s debut album Tonefilm in 2001. On this EP Appelqvist works with field-recordings from China done during his stay there the summer of 2000. This beautiful 10″ vinyl EP was pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies and the few copies we had available at our mailorder sold out rapidly. The Mjaell label’s initiator Bo-Stefan Lundkvist decided to finish his business short after the record was released and we thought that this record sold out. But apparently a few copies was actually returned to Mjäll and they have collected dust in the attic since then.
We are now glad to announce that we have a few more copies available so there’s a new chance to pick up this rare and stunning release by Appelqvist.