Audi & Goggo Armgartenburg

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‘Audi & Goggo’ is the soundtrack of my multivision show from 1995. All used sounds originate from private family tapes of the years 1965 to 1970. Main motif of the show is the view of a house front from dawn to late after supper. With the help of different irritation techniques, such as minimal dissolves, the house front gets out of balance and plays the viewer’s perception a trick. The sounds of voices and fragments of conversation coming from inside the house act accordingly. Originally, the title Audi & Goggo is the name of a game from childhood times.
The picture on this record side is taken from the multivision.
The pseudoquadrophonic soundtrack was stereo-remixed at the Klangkrieg Manufaktur in 1996 with kind help from Tim Buhre.

‘Haus Armgartburg’ was produced in 1997 for Simone and Ernesto as a unique CD which contained ten short titles for the random play modus. All sounds originate from the house itself, a home handy and a pinch of rubbed lute. Originally, “Krieg ich Dich” is also a game which, in the home handy version, has lost most of its intent.
The photography was kindly taken by Mrs. Henneken. It shows housemaid Michael Trocha doing his daily business.
The mixdown was made in the Klangkrieg Manufaktur in 1997.
Tim Buhre rather bothered.