The Power Of Compassion

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Origami Galaktika is the musical outlet of Benny Braaten (B9) and one of the more prolific underground ambient acts to rise out of Norway, alongside names like Deathprod and Biosphere. Having toured both Europe and America with acts such as The Legendary Pink Dots, Galaktika is a lot more than just some guy sitting in his room with a sampler. Famed for utilizing sound sources from obscure places like Estlandic caves and Norwegian glaciers, Galaktika’s music is as unclassifiable as it is unique, yet it has a strong identity of its own. Several albums and collaborations are available of which the Jester Records coupling of the two albums ‘Stjernevandring / Månedans’ and ‘Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda’ (originally released on vinyl through Speeding Across My Hemispheres) have perhaps caused the biggest
ripples in the worldwide experimental/ambient underground so far. The 7″ep ‘The Power of Compassion’ sees the artist plunging into new aural chasms. Tibetan minimalism set in a Kurosawa nightmare sequence creates an otherworldly atmosphere. Conveying a sense of enlightenment, meditation becoming the logical conclusion.
Origami Galaktika has released several albums on labels like Jester, Vendlus and Roggbif. His latest venture was a guest appearance on Virus’ highly acclaimed ‘The Black Flux’.