Tiende Mixer – Bratra

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Limited edition to 200 copies. Is Martijn Tellinga, founder of label Stichting Mixer.

“”Bratra” shows some well build rhythmical tracks, as the debut release of Boca Raton. Completely constructed of manipulated and re-synthesized (contact) mic-recordings, Bratra moves along the edges of lo-fi sound in an almost hypnotizing way. These tracks have a certain sedated feel to them which usually appears with the use of drones, isn’t it that these tracks are hardly to be labelled droney. There’s several layers and elements moving in and out of place and in and out of sound so to say, interacting and taking over each other’s place in the mix. All together, these elements bring a dub-like tuning, although build on a steady but pushing tempo, which is interesting as the whole shows a sharpness not likely to be associated with that particular universe in sound. An intriguing and promising mix of concrete-influences, synthesis and sample-use.”

A1. Bratra 6:10
B1. Smedium 2:20
B2. Roemst 3:56