666 / The Devil Rides Out

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Two lovely songs by one half of Beequeen. Edition of 110 copies

(In 1999 De Waard and Kinkelaar formed their own label entitled Plinkity Plonk records. The name was a reference to a particularly unfriendly review of a Beequeen record.)

Brunnen sprang to life in 1989 when Kinkelaar started looking for a solo project, running parallel to his work with Beequeen, that would combine his more song-based material with abstract soundscapes. When Beequeen began incorporating more and more songs in their musical output, Brunnen became less prevalent as Kinkelaar’s songs found a welcome home on Beequeen albums. As a consequence Kinkelaar stopped recording as Brunnen in 2015, recording and releasing music under his own name since. The name is German for ‘wells’, indicating Brunnen’s music sprang from the soul.