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Delmore FX (moniker of poet and artist Elia Buletti) is a purveyor and craftsman of avant-world and post-world sounds. His sophisticated but straightforward electroacoustic language made of experimental novelty and folkloric ancientness has the oblique capacity of making one listen, dance and think astray at once.

“Scompaio” (I disappear) is the new full length work by Das Andere Selbst label’s bright spark. Built around the mundane but magic disappearance of shapes, things and beings alike in the sombre tiredness of nocturne shadows and vaporous ashen fumes, the album’s ten tracks are graftings of new investigations where the focus is Delmore’s renewed interest for the organic resonance and corpus of acoustic instruments. Balafon, rumba boxes, kalimbas and various percussions are bewilderingly transfigured by the artist’s outlandish array of synthesizers, samplers, loopers, mics, mixer and effects employed as assemblages of transmogrifying machines.

Perhaps interestingly, “Scompaio” is but a simple suggestive choice for the album title. After getting lost researching the album tracks’ quasi-visible shape by squinting his eyes and ears on the acoustic instruments in long sessions, without recording or fixing the flowing appearances, Delmore FX then tried to remember and replicate said shapes in several takes, subsequently blurring the aural and physical contours of his acoustic souvenirs with randomized audio-to-midi sequencing. The result is an enticing, beguiling sound adventure into the unstable and ill-defined outline of objects where shapes get lost and shift vertiginously at the expense of the listener by means of demented sample superimpositions and crackbrained audio collage.

For who knows the man, Scompaio is further proof of Delmore FX’s successful tentative process & progress in the untimely aural quest against stable configurations of things. An aim obtained with the usual stuttering confidence of a somewhat gitty form of musical rhabdomancy.

Limited edition of 200 copies.

A1. Zhenya
A2. Stumbling On Mount Love
A3. Of Ghosts And Spirits Walking By Night
A4. The 3rd Half
A5. Melting Twist
B1. Oisif (previously released on Villa records)
B2. Cloud And No Trousers
B3. Love Is Not The End
B4. Sailors Delight (drums by Björn Magnusson)
B5. Scompaio