Un Monde Lacéré

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Special tribute to Jacques Villeglé and his work (2008).

“Pierre Henry was born in 1927 In Paris. He started studying music as early as the age of 7.
In 1944, guided by Olivier Messiaen, he imagined and started composing music for the future. His meeting with Pierre Schaeffer was crucial for his creation.
Inventing new technical composition processes which in time have become widely used on a large scale, he has constantly given this music a far reaching power no one expected at the start.
He has also invented his own sound, as easily distinguishable as the sound of the most famous jazz musician.”

This piece is a special tribute to Jacques Villeglé and his work.
It is the world opening performance of this opus, recorded in studio Son/Ré.

A1. Un Monde Lacéré – Part 1 – 22’49”
B1. Un Monde Lacéré – Part 2 – 23’22