Game0 : 110

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su dance110 drew influences across genres seamlessly. Electronic dance music, hip hop, field recording, film score, noise, improvised and experimental music have shaped the process of creation. A distinct unique timbre was sought throughout the album with diverse moods in each track. Following the theme of game, the lightly twitched vocals and acoustic sound weave in and out of the space of digital and abstract, sometimes hidden behind, as if a fantasized character travels through the unknown landscape.

“The start of this album was an experiment. I collected my voice samples across the last three years and explored how the story could manifest itself. In this process, I was drawn by the wobbly unknown. I drilled in the sentences and phrases spoken through the psyche. Some fantasy words, significant or insignificant, swallowed the yearning melody. Left with the elastic broken beats were the atmosphere that shaped me in the darkness. And I chose to stay in this thick soup to uncover the surprise in an unwanted time. Unknown is a form of gift.”

Recorded, written, composed and produced by su dance110
Mastered by Julian Alexander Grefe

Accompanied to the music tracks is the full-length video / film directed, produced and edited by Dan Su. The full-length video / film depicts the mind journey of the character 110 travelling through the landscape of real and virtual. Dancing in the mixed space of digital and concrete, abstract or absurd, 110 went through the desire of escaping, attacking, eroding, and questioning of death. As a game in the mind of a surprising time, 110 did not forget to be playful. A resolution in the crisis of existence.
Video available on 110 thumb drive.

64G USB flash drive with 110 logo and customised case
Thumb size: 19mm * 29mm
Asymmetric design: 110 logo print front and back
Scratchable black surface

What is on the drive?
Game0 : 110 full album download code
Full-length film link (downloadable) with the music

Game0 : 110 is the debut solo album of su dance110 investigating the space that fell out of tune.