When Instrument Is In Tune, Music Happens By Itself

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“Edition of 75 copies. Antti Tolvi – When instrument is in tune, music happens by itself I remembered that ”When instrument is in tune, music happens by itself” was Ellen Fullman´s thought. Then I checked what she actually said was ”When you are really in tune, the music plays itself”. And I also noticed that it wasn’t Ellen´s own thought, she had heard it from her North Indian vocal music teacher Anita Slawek. So who knows who has said and what? But anyway it is a beautiful thought. Here I just tuned my kantele and let it play by itself. Of course I use here a little bit of my artistic freedom to create this beautiful miracle. But anyway, we don’t have to do and try so much. Just tune well and let the gravity and light do the work. Piece is to be played with delicate volume.”

A1. Antti Tolvi–When Instrument Is In Tune
B1. J. Koho–Harpolek