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“A meticulous but extemporaneous effervescence of the drumset accompanied by a scintillating manipulation of the piano and a tinkering with haunting sounds of archival material served on the background of futuristic mind-dancing deliberations on the just distribution of knowledge and democratisation of education.
These things were brought to pass in the town of Bayreuth/Germany on 22nd and 23rd of the eleventh month of the year 2018 CE by an ensemble of artists and writers.

These constellations of creators committed to thorough exchange are dangerous in their beauty. They might shake you, as Jessica Hagedorn warns in her poem Sorcery, which we read to open the space for this communion:

“(…) they so fine / they break your heart / by making you dream / of other possibilities”

Percussion – Tumi Mogorosi
Piano – Simont Vincent
Words By – Katharina Fink, Kupawashe Mtata”

A1. Seite 1 21:27
B1. Seite 2 25:34