Subhuman Tracks

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“After 15 years of hibernation the obscure Norwegian project „End“ has awoken to scare your neighbours with their subhuman terror tracks. The Epicurean`s request spawned an in-your-face mini-album of completely remixed and newly arranged archive material. Expect an insane crossbreed of gabber, techno and industrial with the ingenious incorporation of gore movie samples, sounding somewhat like GGFH and Dissecting Table on speed.

Formerly active as „The End“, the Oslo-based “ohq” (formerly „sic mundi”) has now discarded the article and reactivated the machines (and the gritty sound gives away, they’re of the analogue breed), now also featuring “belzebob” as a full member. A child of the tape underground of the 1990s, with half a dozen obscure releases under their belt, they dare to dwell in absolute uniqueness: End namedrop musical influences like Pouppe Fabrikk, GGFH, Skinny Puppy, as well as Godflesh, Sonic Violence and Dutch underground project Bhaobhan Sidhe (later “Hypervoid 0”) with whom ohq has released a split tape. Their non-musical interests were as diverse as Aleister Crowley and Chevy Chase, as serial killers and Nazi UFOs, a drug-fuelled massive intake of cultural smithereens.

These eight Subhuman Tracks clock in at just 20 minutes total, and le

  • ave you with the impression of total anachronism – the rawness of the analogue sounds, industrial aggression, gabber kicks, but also slow, scorching tracks, you can never really make out where these bits come from, but somehow it makes sense as a whole, held together by the totally witty and devoid-of-cliché use of gore movie samples.

    The artwork for the tape cover was specially designed by French underground artist Alkbazz and mirrors the mania that fuelled this production.”

    A1. Gaschamber Death 2:51
    A2. Schutzstaffel 2:10
    A3. First Your Soul, Then Your Body 3:13
    A4. Point Zero 1:55
    B1. Slaughterhouse 3:17
    B2. Future Graves 2:54
    B3. Dark Voices 1:18
    B4. Daughter Of Satan 2:18