New Galactic Windows 4

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“New Galactic Windows 4 is the fourth in a series of New Galactic Windows collection cassettes released by Ikuisuus label since 2014. Like the previous sections, NGW 4 features new and up-to-date experimental music from six different artists. An interesting setting selected for this collection where the individual songs both stand out and sound as independent works, and together they form a diverse and intimate listening experience and a whole.


Atte Elias Kantonen – Hum 5
The track is the first work made in my time at Suomenlinnan Studio. The surroundings loosely inform it – the gentle murmur of a ferry made in Hungary, the distorted silence of spaces occupied by people, rhythmic speckles of guiding lights and freezing fingers wandering on touch screens.

Eilien – Snowy and Still
Eilien – Stars
What is real, what is unreal? Sometimes the world feels like a video game background. Synthesized and recorded sounds intertwine, both are real, but the reality still feels incomprehensible.

Murrettumeri – Æther
Æther feels like a praying mantis dancing, laying down on a green fake hill in the suburbs, this tropical summer day makes my skin move slow. Can oceans be angry?

The track was made in my bed with my laptop using some extremely cool looking plug-ins, finished with a touch of Octatrack.


Nefertyti – Maryam wondering
Acoustic piano was recorded in Kontula, Helsinki. You can also hear Jessie the cat.

Kuupuu – 2003
4-track and karaoke stereo sound system recordings from the cassette archive of the Kuupuu from 2003. Sour melodies, whooshshshshshs, twists, non-effects, fragments.

Laineet – Yötorvi
The song has an organ and an echo effect. Long sounds and cor de nuit.”

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