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Rediscovering the pleasure of writing songs using her old 4-Track tape recorder, the artist named herself SuperCheri used it as a way to put some sense and logic in the whole non sense of 2020-2022, mixing her love for funk, with her everlasting surf guitar style, new wave vocals, lyrics about anarchism, scientific method and serial monogamy and a touch of exotica. One day she decide that maybe all this should see the light of the day, so here’s “Featurette”.

Supercheri is the analogue 4-track minimal funk, bedroom rock, bold lo-fi electronics project of the Italian half of Kitchen Leg records Supercheri likes to think of herself as a hell raiser, star chaser, trail blazer, natural born raver, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Limited edition of solid gold C30, all hand dubbed. Collage artwork by Andrew Kemp. Comes with digital download.