Errances Cryptophoniques: Socret

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Since the late eighties Sebastien Borgo aka Ogrob has been exploring noise experiment in the most varied of forms: field & heterodyne recordings, low-tech, anti drone, shamanoise, prepared guitar & guitars installation, musique brute …
Since 1987, various projects grew out of meeting and befriending Å, Astatine, Bruce Witsiepe & Mike Pullen (Circle X), Damo Suzuki, Dragibus, Emmanuel Holterbach, Johanny Melloul, Les Harry’s, The Nihilist Spasm Band, Sophie Agnel, Vomir, Yves Botz, Yoshihiro Kikuchi …
As of today, he is involved in 2 collective projects : L’Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due À L’Autopsie (with Aka_bondage, Alan Courtis, Frank De Quengo), and Micro_penis (with Carl.Y, Claude Spenlehauer, François Heyer)
He also is one of the founding members of experimental post-punk trio Sun Plexus (1993-2010) and neocybernetic unit Ich Bin (1988-2008).
From the start a subscriber to the DIY ethos, attached to his independency, working self-sufficiently, away from decision makers and institutions, unsubsidized. He was born in 1969, originally from and currently living in Mulhouse, France.

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