Déjà Vu Of The Papyrus Tongue

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“Justin Marc Lloyd (aka pregnant spore aka j. marcloid aka pregnant’s pore aka pregnant lloyd aka prrgnt spr aka jml aka 229, etc., etc.) of chicago, il/baltimore, md, usa. ill-at-ease and barely-balancing scraps of bizarre mental orchestras that reincarnate themselves over and over as they grow. strange and unhinged attempts to escape the body in order to portray meditative states within nonsensical juxtaposition, avant-garde psychedelia, and exaggerated catharsis. deep inspiration drawn from atmospheric pressure, REBT, buddhism, self-talk, rage, chemistry, fear, dreams, repurposing, re-contextualizing. noise=music. Ltd. edition of 50 copies artwork by JML, graphic layout by mic/nodolby.”