Ricarda Cometa 2

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“A revelation outta thin air, courtesy of this dazzlingly trigonometrical spritz of minimal rock clang from Buenos Aires. […] Ricarda Cometa 2 is wholly instrumental, but its arrangements are lyrical and florid. Heuman can play like a proto-free jazzer or Valerie Scroggins from ESG, frequently in the same movement; Espinal shreds the demarcation between rhythm and melody with a playing style that compares to Captain Beefheart, Bill Orcutt, Arto Lindsay and, especially, US Maple’s Mark Shippy.” – The Quietus

1. Alambres
2. Galgo Tuerto
3. Soltá el Bambú
4. Panca y Piquín
5. Bancá, Tu Tranquilo
6. Estoy Afuera
7. Echando unos Taquitos.
8. Chapulines
9. Dale Mecha
10. Anti Gas
11. Cerrajero Sin Talento