Soft Confidence

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“Soft Confidence is the new album from DEEP LEARNING – the electronic pseudonym of Australian-born London composer & producer Richard Pike.

With Soft Confidence he has captured an elegance of space and simplicity, a balance of hope and sadness, and a pure reduction of expression. As the title suggests it is an embodiment of strength and subtlety, an attempt to find the core of music-making and the spiritual freedom that is created.

An ex-Warp Records alumni, Richard has stripped away the guitar, vocals, and drum complexities of his band PVT to find a completely beatless instrumental new territory. The result is a meditative, cosmic and unpretentious work loosely based around soft synthesis, as well as the use of analogue tape echo and his vintage keyboards.

Since forming his band PVT (aka Pivot) in 1999 he has wandered between computer worlds and live instrumentation, explored and blurred lines between experimentalism, texture and melodic economy. His textural sensibilities exist here but in a pure, reductive and minimal expression.”