The Lost Tape (EksM Vol.2)

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“This is the second chapter of the “EksM” Saga. It takes his materials from different sources and different periods. The recordings were made between KU Studio and my home studio in Naples. All tracks were recorded with my faithful multitrack tape recorder. All the materials were stored in my computer that was cracked in a really ambiguous way, but this is an other story… So EksM Vol.2 would have, like the first volume, 24 tracks but, with the help of an hacker we recovered only 15 beats to which I added 5 old tracks released in some minor release or EP. So most of the tracks inside this record are like the original recordings without editing and mix and some tracks are incomplete.. But it works and the mood of this tape is really dark, Tribal and weird with an aftertaste of Classic HipHop. The sound , despite all, is unmistakable in my beat making style and here the influences are most indebted with the noisey American lands that with the oriental meditative sound that was so important for the first volume. The instruments used for this tape are: Tascam Portastudio 424, Roland SP 404, Boss Space Echo, Monacor Echo, Some Piezo Contact mics made by Crank Sturgeon, Laptop, some Pedals and a lot of vinyl and cassettes. Front cover art was made by my buddy “189” , thanks to him. Graphic Project was made by “Gab.”, thanks to her. This is my first solo album released for my label “Subincision Records”. Bless you.” Eks