The Astral Pioneer

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“Emerging from the Oberon Ochre nebula – after many years exploring the lesser-known sectors – Blake Casimir returns with an epic melodic electro tale. After a 7 year absence, he bestows upon us an extraordinary concept piece in The Astral Pioneer. A 9-track chronicle traversing the outer solar systems, brimming with crisp electro rhythms, unforgettable basslines and bright, energetic melodies. Echoing shades of Model 500 and Drexciya but pushing forward into the future, The Astral Pioneer is an essential electro album that must be heard.

Blake Casimir is one alias of British composer Chris Wigman. He has many releases behind his belt in many genres as far back as 2000. The Astral Pioneer – currently only available on a limited cassette release from Preset Records – is his latest production following hot on the heels of a Leniad EP on Apnea. It’s possibly his most accomplished piece yet and must not be missed.”