Les Ambassadeurs De La Musique Douce

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“For several years I’ve been going to schools to share my artistic practice and to work in co-creation with children from 3 to 13 years old.
We experiment a lot, the idea of the absurd is a pretext for philosophical discussions, imaginary cartography brings us to the concept of territories, banality as poetry of everyday life, the difference between music sound and noise.
We create installations, films, without limit in the tools used, whether it be drawing, film in stop motion, electro-acoustic improvisations, even the radicality of noise.
Seeing students transform the space of the class into a wonderful creative chaos is an experience that fascinates me every time, they are real artists open to all my ideas and proposals, constantly adapting them to their desires of the moment, I am always far from imagining what will happen during the workshop.
The recordings are always quite complicated to realize, I have twenty kids running in all directions, wanting to try everything, the turntables the synth the microphone and its distortion, and most often, all at the same time.
But always come this moment of grace when everyone focuses on what is happening in the moment, and it is these laps of time that I have chosen, and wanted to come out in cassette format; Because just like me, they like this little plastic object, filled with hisses and residues.
I thank MUS-E for having trusted me and allowed me to share my passions and questions with all these children, who I hope come out even more curious and open to the poetry of their daily lives …

Recording, editing and mixing: Philippe Cavaleri.
Improvisation: students at the Bois des Dames school in Andenne.
& From the school St Étienne in Grâce-Hollogne.”