Sibilus Satanicus

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MC 40, limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.

Pitch-dark pointed nights concealing mercurial dithyrambs, annihilated buds sprouting along the 85 bpm strobe, disembodied ravers raving the overrun.

Lykourgos Gousios heading from Thessaloniki, Greece.
Member of I Knew Them and Fun With Nuns, moved to Berlin in 2012 where he plays as goolyk, CXIxVI and he’s a resident live act at “Our Hobby Is Different” party in Berlin since 2014. Currently also active in a labyrinthine net of ongoing projects and collaborations: Templeyard Studios, Random Sonic Attack, The Bong.
He has recently appeared in various compilations on label such as Melodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec, Melodies Souterraines and Echovolt Records.

All tracks by goolyk / CXIxVI / Sibilus Satanicus.

A1. Strip Of Ground
A2. Almost Shameful
A3. Sobbing Uncontrollably
A4. Cynical Laughter
A5. Secret Chamber
B1. Compiled Programme
B2. Barrack
B3. Dire Vacuity
B4. Perish By The Whistle