Liberty And Truth Chapter I

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C54 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk-screened gold on red shell – 3-panel J-card – in norelco case – lim. ed. of 60 hand-numbered copies.

“Torn between religious traditionalism and contemporary subculture, between ultra-orthodoxy and hyper-modernity, this first chapter of HAREDI’s musical journey pushes the limits of ambivalence that far, that it might well be the most alienating music you’ve ever encountered. Jittery eighties drum machines programmed in hipster trap fashion, squelching basslines and crazy tangled synthesizer melodies build up to an enchanting diasporic lament, an amalgam of hymns for the fervently righteous and zealously swag. By times grieving and weeping, meditating and charming, by times energetic, passionate, so full of life, emotionally effusive and celebratory. File under: new millennium Pizmonim, spaced out Nigun & or ultra-orthodox dance music.”