Things Of Outtakes

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“This is “Things Of Outtakes”, an improv record made by MANAS, an American duo consisting of Tashi Dorji and Thom Nguyen. All tracks were recorded by Patrick Kukucka. The first and the fourth at Toy Boat Community Arts Center in Asheville, 2014. The second and the third at Hi Z lo z Studio, 2014. The photo on the inside cover was made by Meredith Bliss Silver. MANAS are guitar and drums, with nothing more than guitar and drums. It’s easy to think about the historicization process of this form of non-Rock music in America, but it’s very difficult to think this record as “canonic”. Nowadays this form remains strong and communicative like the day 0, probably because improvisation is extratemporal, slumped in the “now”. They call every song with the name “Thing”. We meet things in the modality of the meeting or the things encounters us. So, the thing (a thing is always some-thing) needs a vital interplay to be called “thing”. MANAS can encounter things, create significance of things and disintegrate things.”