Advancement Into Obscurity

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“Through a mortuous slumberage in the scaly hecatacombs of the whispers, the Extermination Angel gathers its strength once more. Ancient unions are re-forged, awaiting the day of redemption – when All who stand shall fall. Will you dare bare your face to the grim fortune the Extermination Angel holds out for you? Or will you cower in paralytic horror as your soul is extinguished in the radiological fires of our wrath?”
Death Metal-band from Baltimore/Maryland

EXTERMINATION ANGEL form in 2007 with only one aim… to unleash rawest, hateful, ugly death metal for worshipers of late ’80s extreme underground.

Parageneral “Heavy Barbarian” Warbastard + Lead Kill Axe I & Vox Mortem
“The Kaiser” + Double-Barrel Steam Hammers
Senior Chief Nihilorde + Electric-Subcontrabass Profundo
Admiral Wartrash + Lead Kill Axe II

Hand numbered to 100 copies.