Fake Air

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In December of 2022 Pino Montecalvo (aka Monteclava) invited me for a collaboration: to make a cassette for his label Music à la Coque.
Two months later I received Pino’s contribution: short sound fragments recorded from a record player with prepared records.
I thought they were quite strong but also crude, and I spent a long time to process and combine them in various ways.
After that I did not add any electronic sounds but only my vocal parts, singing and performing the titles Pino gave to his fragments, and of course improvising.
So now there are 16 short tracks of great variety, with a total duration of about 30 minutes: the cassette “Fake Air”.

— Jaap Blonk, June 2023

Monteclava – modified and broken records
Jaap Blonk – processing and voice

Limited to 100 copies