Cucumber Sandwich

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Free noise improvisation from the beginning to the end, if it’s even ever ending. The sound continues its journey somewhere when the cassette stops. Broken melodies, noises and strange sounds coding the mind while the brains think it’s already sleeping.

“Stewart had discovered that really flat batteries would turn his Casio keyboard into a stochastic music generator, producing more or less unpredictable results based upon whatever cheesy pre-set he set off. He used to collect flat batteries, and had huge bags of them all around his massively untidy room. He’d spend hours in there just flipping the switches and listening to the results. Sometimes he sang weird little sings over the results, recording one-off tapes and giving them to whoever he met. He knew I was enthusiastic about the Casio sounds, so one day filled a 90 minute tape with them, all recorded live, no edits.

One of his other obsessive interests at the time was collecting passport booth photos. His favourite method of collecting them was to hang around the booths, usually situated in post offices, and pull the discarded ones out of the bin. They were always the most interesting. Often they’d been ripped up so he had to reassemble them, reanimating the image of a stranger that presumably they thought unflattering. But every now w and again he’d chance upon a true enigma, and he adorned the tape cover of my Casio tape with one of the best – four identical photos of an empty booth. What had happened to the person between inserting the money and that first flash of the camera? Spontaneous combustion? Alien abduction? A sudden attack of nerves? We’ll never know. Anyway, great art, great tape, one of my most treasured possessions.” – Neil Campbell, 12/21

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