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On Easter 2021, as it was forbidden to stay inside the church, speakers were placed outside, flooding the city with hymns of grief.
The atmosphere of Athens had an extra layer of sorrow on top of the care-few and the lockdown.
These recordings were made during that time after a long improvisation set made with a 555 astable oscillator passed through various guitar effects pedals. Then, further processed and coupled with some field recordings.

Anna-Maria Rammou is a sound artist interested in the relationship between the audible, the visible and the non tangible.
Getting inspiration from cinema, poetry and photography she combines heavily processed field recordings, found sounds and DIY electronics.

Limited edition of 50 copies.

Anna-Maria Rammou est une artiste sonore intéressée par la relation entre l’audible, le visible et l’intangible. Tirant son inspiration du cinéma, de la poésie et de la photographie, elle mélange des enregistrements de terrain traités et distordus, des sons trouvés et des machines fait maison.