Your Son Died Laughing

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“Your Son Died Laughing” is a spiritual mutilation of carnal tectonics, obsessed with a sluggish and sorrowful doom riffs. Strongly influenced by early 80’s Swans, and reminiscent of Zeni Geva’s noise rock desire for agony, Skin Chamber’s industrial torture technique, and Godflesh’s grinding tribal pound and poignant grief, it captures the hard-to-digest essence of lost tormented souls’ intrinsic strife and self-inflicted agitation through dismal, muffled and off the wall six tracks, each of them clocking between 7 to 13 minutes and demonstrating a disturbing sight of hellish sludge hedonism.

Limited edition of 550 copies.
Bass – Mark van der Zanden
Guitar, Vocals – Paul Rabelink