Weight Of The World. A Long Day’s Tango…

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Released on Contagious Orgasm’s label, SSSM, this album offers a choice between two titles: A Long Day’s Tango Into Night or The Weight of the World. The latter is the title of a text by Peter Handke that served as partial inspiration for the music and the cover art. Very different than the maximalist, quote-heavy work Alejandro’s Carnicera released a few months later, this single piece (53 minutes long) focuses on tiny sounds processed most of the time beyond recognition. It takes the form of an ambient piece slowly unfolding. At times it comes very close to a quiet drone, even silence, at others it verges on contemporary classical music. The main reason for that is P. Miles Bryson’s relying on orchestral and tango music samples. The other ingredients of the piece seem to be all coming from nature: birds, wind in the trees, water, some of them transformed into abstract textures and clicks. It makes a good piece of electro-acoustic music: inventive, never sounding rigid or laboured like academic music. But despite its beauty and aesthetic sleekness, it remains a bit cold and hard to engage. Some sections are truly captivating, but as a whole the piece lacks a sense of purpose that would make it memorable or at least would keep the listener’s attention for the whole duration. It still provides an interesting deep listen.