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“Christian Renou, the French man behind the Brume project, has reworked the music of Germany’s Anemone Tube. The result is a stunning collection of pieces – untitled yet under the heading of “transference” – that range from analogue bruitism to concrete sounds and dense soundscapes in an ambient mood. Underneath the music’s flow there lies a sense of despair and soft melancholy. These are not hard guys, although their music can be challenging and harsh at times. The tracks create an atmosphere of longing, a feeling that there is more to it all than appears on the surface at first glance. Very suitable is the accompanying design, a minimal and elegant poster booklet conceived by Stefan Hanser, the man behind Anemone Tube. The CD and booklet are packaged in a green specially printed envelope and come in a hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.“
(Dense, 036, Berlin, Juni 2003)