Tops Shoks, Souvenirs

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“Abandoning for a while Kap Bambino, his electro clash pump it up project, Orion Bouvier comes back with Groupgris and this mini album much more daring and out of phase than “Save As To”, his first record released two years ago. In comparison, the latter would almost appear like serious electronica if it didn’t show the first signs of slight madness of “Tops, Shoks, Souvenirs”. Dyslexic country, acrobatic hip-hop and syncopated rhythms get along in this stranglehold of samples, which don’t fail to remind of the master of this genre, Kid606. Just like his hero, Orion Bouvier skilfully handles the bubble-gum melodies which bubble bursts at the end of each track. He’s not encumbered of the one or two references slightly audible, he chews them again and again, making elastic his more compact compositions. With this new try, Groupgris proves once again that he really got his place in this mad French wave which includes Puyo Puyo and Dat Politics. An enlivening record.” Carole Jay