The Holy Church Of Pharma

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Founded by Cem Oral (Jammin’ Unit) and Roger Cobernus (Kerosene) in early 1995 and based in Frankfurt/M. Germany, the Pharma sound was characterized by a hybrid of Electro, Techno, and Dub styles, which often incorporated odd vocal samples or other bizarre elements. The label acted mainly as a vehicle for the founding duo under various guises (Zulutronic, G104, Gringo), but also released electro oriented material from other well known producers such as Can Oral (Loisaida Sisters, Khan), Edward Upton (DMX Krew), Mathis Mootz (Bad Street Boy) and Air Liquide. Each releases artwork and layout was done by Berlin graphic designer Bente Schipp, who also created the “Pharma font” used throughout the labels run. All titles were released through EFA distribution. The label was ended in early 2000.

1. Zulutronic – The Holy Church Of Pharma 5:15
2. Bad Street Boy – Pharma Unser 4:19
3. Kerosene – Make My Body Rock 5:20
4. UMO – Half Price, Full Value 6:41
5. Zulutronic – Evil Zombies In The Church 4:26
6. Jammin’ Unit – Heroin (Mass Edit) 8:05
7. UMO – Kain Und Abel 4:14
8. Bionic Skank – Musical Scorcher 4:05
9. Loisaida Sisters – I Make My Money With Bananas 3:26
10. Jammin’ Unit – Nun Of Your Business 4:15
11. Kerosene – It’s Going On Me 6:12
12. Jammin’ Unit – Heaven’s Gate Express 4:04
13. 4E – Ya Mama Scream Hell Ya! 8:49