Teenage Dream

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Remix album of sorts, taking the track Teenage Dream from the supposedly forth-coming album. The original track samples from a traditional Japanese song and story.

“Teenage Dream is the new single/EP by a band who have accomplished a lot in the span of a year. IQU toured the US three times, played multiple festivals, released an ep with Miranda July (Girls on Dates, KLP94), lost a band member, but in the process, gained many new friends. Teenage Dream has been a staple in IQU’s live set for a while, a beautiful slice of multi-genre electronica complete with upright bass, stun-gun guitar, and a glorious sample of Japanese children singing gleefully. Acting as a teaser for their next full-length record, Teenage Dream the EP gets the remix treatment from a motley array of seven electronic music artists, each forming the song into their own unique sonic perspective.

LOOPER: Stuart David’s former band BELLE AND SEBASTIAN may get all the hype, but he quit the band to devote more time to Looper (check the excellent album Up A Tree on Sub Pop). “Looper Mix” romps with an excellent out-of-the-bedroom beat, tripped-out modulations and choice guitar samples. LEXAUNCULPT: This recording artist for the prolific Fat Cat label out of London is the first American to break into the IDM electronic music movement. Tweaks abound as the track is morphed into a tasty, chopped up experimental drum ‘n’ bass stew called “Meek Mix”. TEAM 714: Masa is Seattle’s premier experimental DJ. Team 714 is the adopted pseudonym for “Norowaraeta Mix”, a dark foray into a black-lit, slightly evil chill out room in the mind’s sub basement. DUB ID: The alter-ego for Ubiquity recording artist DJ Tomas, founding member of the infamous Umoja Sound System crew out of Los Angeles. “Tokyo Kids Dubbreaks Mix” stirs in tabla and classic drum breaks into a lovely acid jazz arrangement. TAKE ONE & RED CLAY: Our very own DJ Take One (1/2 of THE SHININ’) is joined by Red Clay on “A Dream Like I Never Had Before Mix”, turning loose a smooth hip-hop sheen. CONCENTRICK: Tim Green was a member of punk icons Nation of Ulysses, and currently he slays with his axe in The Champs and is a producer in San Francisco. Concentrick is his ongoing in-studio electronic project, and he demonstrates his varied background with “Bad Blood Mix”.”