Solar: A Music Travelogue Volume 2

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“Solar is a series of music travelogues (a journal in sound) charting the ever changing cross cultural currents in music’s textural paths. Electroacoustics, sound sculptors, field recordings, traditional percussion, self built instruments, fourth world and electronic experimentation, genres and distinctions have become blurred reference points. This edition features over 58 minutes of exclusive and specially recorded material and includes an 18 panel guide combining information on the contributors with captured images.”

1. Scanner – Throat Paint Fortune 7:37
2. Freeform – Paving 9:56
3. No Artist – Taj Mahal Interior (Agra, India) 2:54
4. Michael Prime – Armillaria 10:00
5. Dallas Simpson – Adoration, 1st Movement 14:45
6. Eddy Sayer – Pokok Echoes 9:26
7. Unknown Artist – Buddhist Prayer Ceremony (Bangkok) 3:43